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I’ve heard guys talk about wet dreams. What are they? Is it true that they are spiritual attacks and that one requires spiritual healing?
Most boys have wet dreams otherwise referred to as nocturnal emission. This occurs when a boy becomes sexually excited in his sleep. He has an erection and ejaculates sperm. This usually happens while he is having a sexual dream. FULL ANSWER

My breasts have begun to develop but one is larger than the other. What can I do?
The development of breasts is one of the most obvious signs that one is becoming a woman. During puberty, the breasts start to swell and become more noticeable. Many people have unequal breasts. In fact, it is rare to find that both breasts are equal. FULL ANSWER

I am 21 years old but I have small breasts. Can this affect my ability to breast-feed in future?
Your breasts are made up of glands and fat tissue. The size and shape of your breasts depend mostly on the amount of fatty tissue they have. If there is a lot of fat in your breasts, they will be large, if there is little fat they will be small. FULL ANSWER

Do most boys masturbate and is it bad for you? How about girls?
Yes, most boys masturbate, but not all do. It’s normal if you do and normal if you don’t. Girls also masturbate, though it is generally believed that girls are not as likely as boys to masturbate. FULL ANSWER

I am 16 years old and my periods are very irregular. Am I normal?
You are perfectly normal! Young women who’ve just started having their periods are particularly likely to have irregular periods. FULL ANSWER

If a boy doesn’t masturbate or have sexual intercourse, what happens when his scrotum is filled with sperm?
If a boy doesn’t ejaculate, the sperm will be expelled either through a wet dream or mix up with urine and expelled as urine. FULL ANSWER

My friends say masturbation is sinful and morally wrong. Is this true?
One person’s idea of what is sinful or morally wrong may be very different from another person’s, depending on one’s values and/or religious beliefs. FULL ANSWER

Each time I menstruate, I get serious pains in my belly. Why is it so?
This pain you describe is referred to as menstrual cramps. Almost all women have cramps at sometime or other in her life. FULL ANSWER

At times, I see a whitish substance in my panties. What could be the cause, or do I have an infection?
The discharge you see is most likely the result of the natural cleansing action of your vagina. It may happen just before or after your period and you shouldn’t worry about it. FULL ANSWER

My friends say some boys are born with just one testicle. Is this be true? If yes, will a boy with only a testicle be able to have children?
Yes, it is true some boys are born with just one testicle, but this doesn’t happen often. FULL ANSWER

I have some white pimples on my penis. I’ve never had sex. Why do I have them?
It’s most unlikely that it’s a sign of an STD since you say you’ve never had sex. FULL ANSWER

I have this lump in my scrotum. Though it doesn’t hurt, I’m worried that it could be a sign of something serious?
Most lumps or bumps in the scrotum are the result of cysts. Cysts are collections of fluid. Some will go away by themselves, while others require surgery to remove them. FULL ANSWER

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