arriage is a commitment that two people make to share their lives and family responsibilities. Traditionally, this includes loving one another, living together, raising children, helping and supporting one another, “for better or worse.” In most cases, people get married because they are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives with their partner. But people could also get married for a variety of other reasons, that may or may not include love. Whatever the reason, it is important to realize that marriage is a serious commitment and comes with a lot of responsibilities and often times, sacrifices, in order to make it work. Young people are therefore advised to be absolutely convinced they are ready for this responsibility before deciding to get married. To help ensure this, different countries have set a minimum age below which its citizens cannot enter into a marriage contract, or if they do, is considered illegal. While this is a good practice, that you’re older than that minimum age is not a passport to go get married. There are people who married in their teens and have stayed married, but the likelihood of long-term marriage is much less for teens than it is for adults. This leads to our next topic…


Divorce is the legal ending of a marriage. Just like with marriage, people divorce for a variety of reasons. When married couples divorce, they no longer want to live together. If not handled properly, divorce can be traumatic for everyone involved, especially the children. Children tend to feel they are responsible for their parents’ divorce and may suffer feelings of guilt and abandonment. But children should understand they are not to blame for their parents’ divorce. Divorce is about parents having irreconcilable differences that has broken down their marriage. Children may also try to get their parents back together. While this is commendable, they should be prepared for the fact that this may not be possible, no matter how much they want it to happen. Children dealing with their parents’ divorce should talk with a trusted adult about their feelings. The family can also seek professional counseling to help deal with the divorce and life afterwards. A divorce is not the end of happiness. People can still lead happy and productive lives after a divorce.