Marriage and Divorce

Marriage is a commitment that two people make to share their lives and family responsibilities. Traditionally, this includes loving one another, living together, raising children, helping and supporting one another, "for better or worse."

Love and Dating

Dating is when two or more people meet at a specific time or place for leisure. Dating enables people to experience companionship, get to know each other better, and could lead to a more intimate relationship.


A relationship is the interaction between two or more people. It varies in type, intensity, and commitment. Adolescents commonly have relationships with families, friends, and the larger society. Relationships are important because they provide companionship, support and comfort; help us to feel loved, needed and wanted; and enable us share experiences.

Sexual Identity and Orientation

Sexual orientation refers to whether a person is heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual. People may be attracted to, may fall in love, or may have sexual relationship with people of one or both sexes.


Sometime between ages nine and fifteen, girls and boys do more than just grow taller and bigger as they have done since birth. Girls start to grow into young women and boys into young men.


To reproduce means to produce again or make again. Certain parts of our bodies makes it possible for a male and female, when their bodies have grown up, to reproduce.

Personal Skills

Healthy sexuality requires the development and use of specific personal and interpersonal skills. These skills will help a young person to identify and live according to his/her values, make effective decisions and take responsibility for them, and communicate effectively with family, friends and other members of the society.