Researchers have often asked sexually active young people why they choose to have sex. For these young people (especially younger adolescents), having sex is often a means to a different end. Different young people report different reasons, depending on their gender, economic status, family situation, or other factors.

Choosing A Career

Deciding what career you want to pursue, is one of the decisions you’ll be making as an adolescent. There’s a wide range of careers to choose from – all of which are appealing – making the decision more difficult.

Facing The Challenges Of Adolescence

Adolescence is a turbulent period for most people. Understandably so – you are saddled with decisions about career, lifestyle and sex. As a male child, it is even more difficult – you also have to make decisions about drugs, alcohol, family etc. You are under a lot of pressure to live up to society’s definition of ‘a man’. Planning life directions can be especially difficult if you are ill-equipped on how to deal with situations that you face.

Tailor-Made Career Or Creative-Made Career?

As young people, we have within us a well of energy, creativity & passion, which if properly channeled will give a significant boost to economic development. However, sadly, we have young people in Nigeria and Africa wrongly fitted in careers and positions that drown their potentials. We notice that all over Africa, a greater percentage of young graduates are unemployed, waiting to be handed white collar jobs, when we can create jobs for ourselves and others if we follow through with our passion.

Sexuality Education: Is It A Right Or It Is Right?

Equal access to education is a basic human right that has been recognized since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. As such, having access to Sexuality Education is a fundamental sexual right. Sexuality is a central aspect of human life as it encompasses sex, gender identities and roles, sexual orientation, eroticism, pleasure, intimacy and reproduction.

What Parents Need To Know About Their Teenagers

As parents, we are bombarded with advices, warnings and criticisms on parenting. However, we seldom have the opportunity to think about how we raise our teens. We most often rely on the same familiar methods our own parents used (even if we had bad memories of them) simply because there is so much information out there; talk shows, countless parenting magazine at the stores, more internet sites than any parent could ever look at, parent chat rooms and bulletin boards but no way to know what or who we can trust.