Okunnoye Damilola

Young Person of May 2015
Okunnoye Damilola

Name: Okunnoye Damilola
School: Wesely Girls Junior Secondary School
Age: 13 years
Class: Junior Secondary School 3

What motivated you to read all the chapters in the FLHE textbook?

I read the book during a weekend that I was free at home. The following week, my class teacher asked who has finished reading the FLHE textbook and I was the only one who indicated in the classroom to have read the book. .

Favourite topic in the FLHE Handbook

Reproductive System. It explains all you need to know about the human reproductive system

How has the book impacted your life and how will you use the information learnt?

It has built my self-esteem and how I see others. Now, I know how to relate with both boys and girls. I will use the information I learnt by teaching others and applying it in my life.

Advise to peers about the book

My mummy told me how she wished she had the book when she was young as it is very informative. The book is very useful and I will advise all to read it as it will help them in a lot of ways.