Students Receive FLHE Handbook


In efforts to improve sexual and reproductive health and access to quality Family Life and HIV Education (FLHE) materials among students in Lagos State, Action Health Incorporated with support from Lagos State Ministry of Education distributed free copies of the newly revised Family Life and HIV Education (FLHE) Student’s Handbook and CD versions to ten (10) public Junior Secondary Schools across Lagos state between October 13- 24, 2014.

The ten schools which were selected from the six (6) educational districts are Wesley Girls Junior Secondary School, Yaba, St. Luke’s Junior Grammar School, Bariga, Epe Junior Grammar School, Epe, Bolade Junior Grammar School, Oshodi, Iju Junior Grammar School, Iju, Eko Akete Junior Secondary School, Lagos Island, Aje Comprehensive Junior High School, Sabo, Ojota Junior Secondary School, Ojota, Army Cantonment Junior Secondary School, Ikeja and Lagos State Junior Model College, Ojo;  and they served as pilot schools for the book distribution. Also, all Junior Secondary Schools across Lagos State will receive a copy of the Handbook and two CD versions for their libraries.

The FLHE Handbook which was carefully designed for young people focuses on issues ranging from sexual and reproductive health, gender rights, puberty and adolescence, sexually transmitted infections, negotiating skills, making values-based decisions, gender norms amongst other issues. Also, the FLHE Handbook’s style is more personal and interactive; it includes self-assessment quizzes, crossword puzzles, and cartoons for the student. Many Students and school administrators who received the book were very excited and expressed their support for this initiative, and many students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to have their own personal copy of the book.

In addition to the book distribution, AHI’s Programme Officer will conduct monthly monitoring visits to observe classroom teaching of FLHE topics and use of the Handbooks by teachers and students who are expected to bring to the class the Handbook every time FLHE subject is being taught.Anyone who would like to have a copy of the Handbook can buy print copies at the AHI office in Yaba or download it for free at

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