Action Health Incorporated in collaboration with the Implementing Partners organised a meeting with Gateway Mortgage Bank, Cooks and Ogun Home Grown School Feeding Programme (HGSFP) Team

The Ogun State Home Grown School Feeding Programme (HGSFP) is being supported by the HGSFP Cohort, Action Health Incorporated (AHI), The Centre for Women’s Health and Information (CEWHIN), Women Consortium of Nigeria (WOCON) and The Education Partnership Centre (TEP Centre). The Cohort’s monitoring efforts over the past one year has brought to fore a series of bank-related issues being faced by the cooks engaged on the HGSFP. To resolve these issues, the HGSFP Cohort organized two meetings on 28th August 2019.


Cohort Members’ Meeting with Gateway Mortgage Bank on the Ogun State Home Grown School Feeding Programme

The purpose of the meeting between the HGSFP Cohort Members and the Gateway Mortgage Bank Officials was to discuss all the issues that HGSFP Cooks had with operating their accounts with Gateway Bank. In attendance were officials of Gateway Mortgage Bank, members of the HGSFP Cohort and the State HGSFP Team.

Mrs. Sumbo Oladipo of CEWHIN facilitated the discussion with the Gateway Mortgage Bank Officials. She presented the objectives of the meeting, and also introduced each organization comprising of the HGSFP Cohort with their coverage areas of monitoring the HGSFP in Ogun State. She then proceeded to explain the key Issues to be addressed by Gateway Mortgage Bank.

Subsequent to all the issues highlighted by the Support Group, Mr. Rotimi Olashore, Gateway Mortgage Bank’s Chief Finance Officer responded, and agreements were made between the Cohort and the bank.


Cooks’ Meeting with Gateway Mortgage Bank and Ogun Home Grown School Feeding Programme (HGSFP) Team

Following the HGSFP Cohort Members’ Meeting with Gateway Mortgage Bank Officials, a larger meeting of one hundred and fifty (150) participants comprising of cooks engaged on the HGSFP from 14 LGAs in Ogun State, officials of Gateway Mortgage Bank, members of HGSFP Cohort and State HGSFP Team was held. The meeting was aimed to serve as a platform for promoting constructive engagement between the bank and the cooks.

Following the introduction of guests present at the meeting, Mrs. Sumbo Oladipo, gave a welcome address on behalf of the HGSFP Cohort. In her address she welcomed the stakeholders to the event and briefly spoke about the objectives. She also implored the cooks present to speak when it was the time for questions.

The Chief Finance Officer of Gateway Mortgage Bank, Mr. Rotimi Olashore in his address welcomed everyone to the event. He explained that Gateway Mortgage Bank has made a move to open other Automated Teller Machine (ATM) branches in Sagamu, Yewa and Ijebu Ode for easy access to cash but authorization was yet to be approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria before the ATMs can be brought to these locations. He also indulged the cooks to exercise patience when issues arise. He then went on to appreciate the Cooks for their continued patronage.

The cooks took turns to highlight some of the difficulties encountered thus far with regards to banking, these concerns were attended to and Gateway Mortgage Bank made commitments to resolve the issues highlighted by the Cooks.

Mr. Olukunle Adeogun, WOCON Project Coordinator appreciated the Gateway Mortgage Bank officials for their time and insightful information and he reminded the bank to look into the reduction of the bank charges as promised.

Mrs. Sumbo Oladipo appreciated the HGSFP officials for their time and for their prompt responses whenever they are called upon. She also appreciated the Cooks for their time and promised that the HGSFP Cohort will follow up in ensuring that all the resolutions are implemented.

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