AHI Executive Director Appointed to Population Advisory Group


The Executive Director of Action Health Incorporated, Mrs Adenike Esiet, has been appointed to the Population Advisory Group led by the Chairman of the National Population Commission, Hon. Nasir Isa Kwarra.

Established by the National Policy on Population for Sustainable Development of the Federal Government of Nigeria, the Population Advisory Group (PAG) is one of two groups that advises and supports the National Population Commission in its role as the statutory body responsible for the coordination of population and development activities across Nigeria.

As a member of the PAG, Mrs Esiet will work with the team that will be responsible for reviewing policy coordination reports and the Strategic Plan for National Population Policy Implementation, making recommendations to the National Council on Population Management, and advising the National Population Commission on the mobilization of resources.

“I consider it a privilege to serve Nigeria in this capacity,” says Mrs. Esiet. “It will be an opportunity to ensure that issues of youth development, gender equality, and reduced inequalities are kept at the forefront in the implementation of Nigeria’s population policy.”

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  • AHI Executive Director Appointed to Population Advisory Group

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