Giver Her a Voice!

She is on the street, hawking
She is young, bold and strong
She has no formal education
She looks at her peers that had the privilege to be in school to learn
She secretly hoped she had a chance like them too,
She wished for a CHANCE to express herself, to SPEAK
But she has no VOICE !

There are many like her on the streets and on the high way
with great gifts and talents in them
but they are channelling it  all in the wrong places
potentials that if explored would definitely sustain NATIONS economy for decades
but who cares enough to help them find expression in speaking
how can they speak with no VOICE

How can the potentials in them be developed and be beneficial  to the good of all
if they are not given EDUCATION in the first place
How will their VOICES be heard if they do not have the tools to speak

EDUCATION whether formal or informal,
is still the best treasure that  Communities, Societies and Nations
Could offer to her girls and Women
No woman or girl should be denied her right to SPEAK
Neither should they be denied access to quality Education!

I look at these girls,
I see HOPE.


Source: Tinuoya’s Blog

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