Happening now at AHI: Training of teachers on Family Life and HIV Education!

AHI is organizing a training for teachers on Family Life and HIV Education [FLHE]. The first phase of the training, which kicked off on Monday June 9, at the Youth Resource Centre in Lagos, is expected to run until the end of the week.

During an introductory remark, one of the facilitators, shared his experience. He said in 2005, he participated in the training as a novice. The training helped him improve his knowledge on sexuality education. Today he is travelling across Nigeria and other African countries, training others.  He has been opportune to train teachers from the North to South-West Nigeria. He encouraged the participants to maximize the learning opportunities that have been provided.

FLHE training will cover different topics, including: Family Life and HIV Education curriculum; Body Image, Barriers limiting Educators from effectively teaching sexuality education; Adolescent Psychology Development, Sexuality Across Life Cycle, Teenage pregnancy and Abortion, Anatomy and Physiology, Contraception, Decision Making, Goal Setting and Dating.

It is expected that by the end of the training, teachers will be better equipped and empowered to educate young people on sexuality education.


Family life
In one of the sessions, the teachers were asked to put down different ways people call sex. Here is what was gathered from the room.

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