Recap: Youth Smoking Prevention Campaign

Good morning friends! Last week, an inter-school debate competition was held at our youth resource center. Two SS2 students: Benedict of Mainland Senior High School and Salamah of Ideal Girls Senior High School, emerged 1st and 2nd position respectively.

We hope their words of encouragement will be an inspiration to you this morning. Their comments:

Benedict: “I never thought I’ll go for a competition and win. All the while I used to come last… An arrow can only be projected forward if it is drawn back. So if you feel life is drawing you back, it is preparing you for something great.”

Salamah: “Difficulties don’t come to defeat us but to show us our hidden potentials and power. Let difficulties (in your life) know you are difficult to defeat.”

Wow! Young people with such incredible mind set! They both gave credit to God for their excellent performance, thanked Action Health Incorporated for the opportunity to express themselves and thanked their teachers and mates who encouraged and helped them with the research.

The inter-school debate is part of our on-going “Youth Smoking Prevention Campaign”.

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