The Adverse Effect Of Cigarette Smoking In The Society

Written by Doris I.

An SS3 student of Herbert Macaulay Girls School Lagos.


Smoking is described as an act or habit of inhaling and exhaling smoke of tobacco or drug. Smoking is also a practice in which a substance – most commonly Tobacco – is burned and the smoke is tasted or inhaled. Cigarette is a thin long paper tube filled with Tobacco.

The types and forms of smoking are: passive smoking, also called second-hand smoking; and active smoking, also called concious or voluntary smoking. Sources of smoking are: marijuana, cocaine, cigarette and pipe/crack. Although Marijuana is a herb that is used to reduce stress in the lives of individuals, excessive intake of this herb can lead to mental disorder, emotional instability etc.

Why do people smoke? People smoke as a result of a formed habit, to socialize or feel among, to boost their ego, or cover-up their inferiority complex etc. Some people smoke because their colleagues, friends, siblings or parents smoke.

Preventive measures should be taken to eradicate smoking from our society because every action performed by an individual has an impact on the society at large. Smoking has its own effects- economically, socially and health-wise.

In the areas of health, medical experts states that smoking is very bad for body organs. People who smoke end up developing lung cancer, colone cancer, brain tumour etc.

Socially, cigarette smoking results into emotional instability, which can cause a strain in relationships between the smoker and others.

Talking about economical effect, imagine a family man who earns a wage of N1,000 per day. He purchases a pack of cigarette at the cost of N200. And yet he will budget an equal sum if not less for his family’s up-keep. But if he usually saved that N200 everyday for a whole year, we know how better off his financial status will be.

What do you think?

smoker 2

Did you know that: -Every cigarette smoked cuts at least five minutes of life on average- about the time taken to smoke it. – Every eight seconds, someone dies from tobacco use. If you don’t smoke, don’t start. If you smoke, stop it! Tell someone!





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