#ThrowBack Looking On Sixteen: A Chat With Japheth Omojuwa [@omojuwa]

We believe that young people have the ability to inspire the next generation. Pause for a minute and ask yourself, “As a young adult, what advise will you give your younger self to enable him fully maximize his potential?” You can tweet us your response via @actionhealthinc or drop it in the comment box below. Here is an original from a young achiever, Japheth Omojuwa:

Baby Omojuwa and Adult Omojuwa

Who is Omojuwa Japheth?

Omojuwa: I am a young African proud of his Nigerian heritage. I believe in the power of one to start the process of change and I believe that the coming together of all that is good about Nigeria will be the making out our future. I am a columnist, a blogger, a public speaker and a believer in the future of Africa as a prosperous continent.

GROWING UP: Looking back at your sixteen years old self, what practical advice will you give him to enable him successfully express himself and harness his talents in today’s world?

Omojuwa: Pay attention to your character, by all means develop competence and capacity and use confidence to drive these qualities forward. When all of these are in place, you will be unstoppable. It may look like things are not working but when things finally click and the stars align for your destiny, you would not be found wanting. You will be ready to take territories, to take on the world and to make change happen.

To follow Omojuwa’s work, visit www.omojuwa.com or follow on twitter: @omojuwa   Stay inspired!

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