Warm Up: Teenage Festival of Life 2014

Teenage Festival of Life 2014 (TFL 2014) has kicked off!


This past week, a team of selected trainers spent time coaching students on different creative skills they’ll need to participate in the competition aspect of the event that will take place in Lagos by November.

The goal of TFL is to provide an avenue for young people to learn and acquire information on issues of sexuality and developmental issues as well as explore their talents through drama, song and poetry.

Themed “Assuring the Well-being and Development of Out-of-school Adolescents,”  pre-event trainings covering essay writing, drama, poetry and music were organized at the different education districts in Lagos!

Checkout some pix of the training sessions:

ahi1 ahi2 ahi3 ahi4 ahi5 ahi6 ahi7



Exciting or what? Yes, exciting! 🙂

Keep November 8th, 2014 free on your calender to attend the big event please! Thank you.



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